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Built right here in our shop by hand using a mix of old school machinery (pin routers, etc.) just like they were back in the day and CNC routers. Wanting something custom? No Problem! We offer all of the traditional style guitar and bass bodies in any pickup/hardware configuration you can think of! We also offer a wide selection of wood choices Mahogany, Alder, Swamp Ash, Poplar and Basswood. You also have a choice of tops of flame or quilted maple where it's applicable. Bodies are typically made as a two piece but we do have a unless you prefer a one piece we have that option. Lead time on bodies is about 2 to 4 weeks depending on the type of body. Check out our Unfinished Bodies, Fabric Bodies, Finished Bodies and Silver and Gold Leaf Bodies Sections below.

Unfinished Bodies

The unfinished bodies are ready to be finished after a light sanding.

Fabric Bodies

Our fabric bodies are handmade here in our shop using old school machinery and techniques just like they did back in the day. It is custom made, so you can choose any configuration and body style you want for an electric guitar or bass. Your choices of wood are Popular or Basswood which are included with the standard pricing or you can choose from Alder, Swamp Ash or Mahogany for an additional $25. Bodies come as a standard two piece body but are available as a one piece for an additional $50. Most fabric bodies will have a color of your choice bursted around the edge but some body types can be bound for an additional charge of $25 per side. Your binding options are black, white, cream, pearloid in white or black and tortoise in red or brown. The standard finish is a two part poly which is a super hard finish that buffs out like glass. You can also choose to have a Nitrocellouse Lacquer finish at no additional charge. You can buy just the body or get a complete guitar built starting at $1,200. Contact us to talk about your options or to get your project started.

Fabric Options

Here is our current inventory of fabric options that we have not had a chance to get onto a body yet. So we do not have a finished body example. Any one of these can be chosen for the body style of your choosing. Depending on the type of body, you can choose what color burst or binding you would like. Our inventory is ever growing so make sure to check back and see what we've added. Also, if you have any ideas, feel free to drop us an email. We'd love to work with you and try to figure something out.

Finished Bodies

You don't have to buy a full guitar from us you can buy just a finished or unfinished body/ neck. You might want to assemble your own guitar or just need a replacement and have all the other parts. Whatever your reason we got you covered. You can choose from Popular, Basswood, Alder, Swamp Ash and Mahogany. Finished or Unfinished. You can choose a Set Neck, Neck Thru or Bolt On.  We offer a modern two part polyurethane or vintage style nitrocellulose lacquer in pretty much any style you can think of Metal Flake, Matte, Metallic or Pearl in just about any color you can imagine. We also specialize in aged nitrocellulose finishes complete with dents dings and finish checking. Do you have a favorite guitar you want to replicate? We can do it!. Need a pickguard for your project or even some of the electronics installed, no problem! The options are endless. Just give us a call or send us a message and we can work up a quote. Below are some bodies that we have done in the past to give you a bit of inspration, or just to see some past projects.

Silver & Gold Leaf Bodies

These are hand painted with silver & gold leaf accents, each design is one of a kind. Available in whichever type of wood and body style you choose.  Below are a few examples.